Help with the text editing options

A quick guide to the options available in the TinyMCE text editor

Styles can be applied through the text editor. Styles have to be defined during development for each choice to work. If they are not defined then nothing will happen when selected.

editor tool bar.png

Options available (top row)


Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, find and replace


Media, link, image, anchors, special characters, horizontal line


Bold, italic etc text styles


Insert a table, set properties, add and delete columns and rows

Options available (bottom row)

Save, redo and undo

Save your changes undo them.


Choose paragraph formatting - heading, subheading, paragraph, quote - as per your sites design.

Character text styles

Bold, italic, underline, strike through

Paragraph alignment

Left, centre, right, justified

List styles

Bullet and numbered list styles

Superscript and subscript

Apply to individual characters

Horizontal rule

Insert a rule in a paragraph break


Insert and image in a paragraph


Apply a link to selected text or an inserted image