Help with the asset manager

Organise images, documents and video using albums

  • The asset manager provides drag and drop asset uploading for images, documents and videos.
  • Assets can be grouped using albums and can be searched by file names or asset types.
  • Images can be edited and cropped in the asset manager.

Here's a quick look at the asset manager tool bars to help you get around

AM 1.png

Albums - find and organise assets my albums
Upload - upload assets by drag and drop
Search - files, file types and users

AM 2.png

Delete - the selected assets
Download - the selected assets
Albums - add or remove selected assets from albums
Select all - select all in view
Select none - unselect all in view

AM 3.png

Sort order - choose order of assets in view
Add (+) - add existing assets to the album in view
Upload - new assets to the album in view
Delete - this album