Help with the page editing toolbar

A quick guide to the settings and options for editable pages in this demo

NB: Not all settings are available to demo users.

Page editing options and status are available through the menu bar.

i) CMS options menu

More about the CMS toolbar

ii) Add page

A new page will be added either as a child of the current page or as a sibling of the current page. This will depend upon the type of content of page and the option can be edited in the page settings-admin.

iii) Page settings

Change settings for the page being viewed. More about page settings.

iv) Page visibility

By default a newly created page is ‘invisible’, meaning it is not viewable by site visitors in the live website.

invisible.png visible.png

The toolbar icon shows the page is invisible or visible.

v) Page status

Draft pages and published pages explained


  • A visible page has a published version - this is the version seen on the live site.
  • A published page will not be seen in the live site unless it is also visible.


  • If the live page is edited a draft version is created that is only visible to CMS editors.
  • This version of the page remains as a draft until it is published at which time it replaces the live page.


  • Changes to a draft page can be set to publish at a future date and time rather than be published immediately.
  • The live version of the page remains until the draft is published at the set date and time.

vi) Delete the page

When you click this there is a second conformation window.

vii) View live

The page is finished, you've published it, check what it looks like in live view.


  • View live only shows page versions which are published and visible. It’s how the site appears to website users.

viii) Contact support

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 14.49.28.png

Use the support form to provide feedback or notify your support team of any issues with the webpage.

To assist with diagnosis details of the current page along with browser and operating environment are sent to pre-set email address with the users message.

The support email address is set in the CMS Admin settings.